Paintings in their new home…

Happy Easter everyone!!

Today, I just wanted to share how I love receiving pictures of my paintings in their new homes…

It is a very sensitive gesture to send to an artist his work while installed… I have received some of these pictures from Brazil and also several states across the US.
There is something about having a part of you becoming part of someone else’s life…

During this grant period with the help of my mentor Caitlin Albritton, I thought a lot about my art, its content, why I do it and what is important to me. What do I want people to feel? Is that something that matters to me or is it what I feel when I am painting that matters the most? After a lot of thought, the thing I am sure of and that all of my work has in common (even in different styles and created in very different moments of my life) is that I paint when I am happy, and I paint things and places that I love and that make me feel that way… When I look at the finished piece it has to make me smile. The energy I felt while I painted it has to be there for me to see and feel it again and again… And if someone else can look at my paintings and feel that energy in some way – that happy feeling – that makes me so honored and fulfilled! It is interesting to know and see that once my painting is seen by other persons’ eyes, it does not belong to me anymore. It has its own relationship with the viewer, and that is something we artists can’t do anything about… and that’s what makes it even greater! Sometimes it’s hard to see our “children” go but it is amazing to see them being their own selves, independent and with a whole new life and meaning to someone else!

I wish everyone a lovely Easter!!



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