Orange Cat Mermaid – Collage Process Video

April 7, 2020 | By Gianna Pergamo

Orange Cat Mermaid – Collage Process Video

Artist Gianna Pergamo’s first collage time lapse video is ready to watch!

Yay! After several weeks of videoing myself collaging, I have my first video that I am happy with! This is a few hours of collaging condensed to a little more than a minute! The video is me making an orange cat mermaid. I made it from photocopies of photographs of koi fish and kittens.

There’s no voice over, so here is what you are seeing in the video (note: there were even more steps in the collaging process, but I had to cut some things for brevity):

  • Cutting out koi fish
  • Taping in place kitten body
  • Collaging pieces of the fish together to make a mermaid tail
  • Drawing where I need to cut on the kitten
  • Cutting the kitten body to fit the mermaid tail
  • Attaching the body
  • Attaching new arms for the kitten
  • Cutting new arms to fit the kitten body
  • Not shown: Re-photocopying the cat mermaid
  • Painting black and white on the cat mermaid
  • Cutting out the cat mermaid
  • Painting the cat mermaid with acrylic paint
  • Using watercolor pencil on the cat mermaid

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