On set at the St. Pete Pier

This week I went into filming for my short dance film, the project for which my Creative Pinellas Grant is funding. It is a solo work that I am dancing at the St. Pete Pier, based on the subject of “time.” It is being directed by local filmmaker, Erica Sutherlin and will be accompanied by the poetry of Keep St. Pete Lit’s founder, Maureen McDole. After months of preparation and brainstorming, it is now on to the editing stage. It was a profound two days of filming as I got up each day at 4:00 AM to do my hair and make-up, warm up my body, and get there in time for the sunrise and prime lighting. We filmed from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM on both days. It was pretty intense navigating the heat and the concrete while doing take after take. My body is still sore, two days later. However, these types of experiences are always worth it.

It was great working with an amazing team of filmmakers. Erica brought in a husband and wife duo, Patrick Miller and Victoria Montanolopez. The three of them took my vision and added their personal expertise and insight. I feel it is going to be even better than what I imagined; as well as slightly little different than what I imagined. It was a reminder to let go of expectations. There were a few concepts that I originally felt were key to the project that in reality could not happen for the budget and time restrictions we faced. Using the sun as a narrative to time, as well as the space under the tilted lawn on the pier, we were able to capture some very dynamic visuals; playing with the passing of time, shadows, light, and line.

I am excited to see what they come back with in editing as far as color palette, atmosphere, timing, and perspective. After editing we will add the music, sound effects and poetry. I know that it will be a very dynamic work and am looking forward to the opportunity to share it locally and hopefully nationally/internationally in various film festivals. I am so grateful to Creative Pinellas for providing me this opportunity.

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