Of Art and Nature

Wanderlust, 2020

I’m largely inspired by beauty found in nature. I use the natural world as the source that continuously supplies me with a wealth of inspiration that activates my artistic ideas. To me, being outdoors generates a childlike sense of creativity and freedom that isn’t possible in any other setting.

Living in Florida has been a dream come true. The Gulf Coast with its beauty, colors and brightness has led me to create sculptures and installations that capture the fluidity, serenity and balance found in the natural settings across Tampa Bay. 

From all the marvels nature has to offer, I find birds to be some of the most striking and intensely symbolic creatures. Their beauty and their freedom inspire me in many ways because birds are synonymous with flight, and as such are a powerful symbol of many of humanity’s hopes and dreams. They convey the human and the divine spirit through their soaring freedom of movement and their linking of earth and sky.

Sunset and Fleeting Grace, 2016

My fascination with avian marvels influenced me to create some of my most compelling wall sculptures, such as Elevate, Sunrise & Sunset, Fleeting Grace I and II, and Wanderlust among others.

The creation of Wanderlust -my largest interior wall sculpture to date- involved some research about the bird species found in Southeastern US. The artwork measures 7 feet in diameter and is composed of 87 hand painted individual pieces made of plexiglass. In May 2020 it was permanently installed in the lobby at the new Facebook Data Center in Huntsville, Alabama.



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