Preview image:
Elegant Insight, Acrylic on canvas, 10″ x 12″, 2020

Image left:
The Wave, Acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 40″, 2020


It’s the new year and I’m excited. Soon I’ll be meeting with my mentor, Babs Reingold, in person to discuss my work and figuring out how I will present it in the Emerging Artist Show at Creative Pinellas Gallery. I ventured down to the Creative Pinellas Gallery today to look at the space with curator Danny Olda. It’s a huge beautiful space. It’s a space that honors art. You can tell by how the building was designed that the intention was always to honor art, to give it the air and surroundings it needs to be clear, be heard, be felt by it’s audience. It’s a thrilling feeling as an artist to start to envision your own work in this space. I feel ready to step into this space with my work. I feel confident. This feeling has taken years to cultivate for myself and I am very aware of the shift.

This space makes me look at a lot of the work I’ve already created and want to make it HUGE! These 16” x 20” paintings need to be 5’ x 6’ paintings! I’ve always loved to work big but it comes with consequences; money for materials, space to create it, and buyers who want something so large. I know I’ll figure it out with the help of Babs and others that I entrust their opinion of my work and how to move forward. Regardless, I’m thrilled. I feel that fire and nervous excitement of the possibilities of the future. I feel confident in the work I’m creating and I feel confident that this experience will be a stepping stone to the new future I’m creating.

See below of images of the space my work will hang in by July of this year. The Arts Annual Show is what is currently up at the Creative Pinellas Gallery


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