My Visit to the Creative Pinellas Gallery

Creative Pinellas

For a few months now, I have been working on a series of works that will be on display during the 2022 Emerging Artist Exhibition at the Creative Pinellas Gallery from April 14th – June 19th 2022. This last Friday, February 25th 2022, I had the pleasure of visiting the Gallery to talk with Beth Gelman about the Emerging Artist Exhibition, and check out the possibilities of the space.

I had never been to the Gallery, and walking in felt like an “AW” moment. The space is large, welcoming, and full of light. On display currently is the “LOOK TOUCH MOVE” Exhibition by Artists Sharon McCaman and Helen French.

The way McCaman was able to make the space come alive and active was incredible. Seeing her work in the space allowed me to imagine myself and my Art within the space. How she filled the area and made the artworks flow to create unity.

My Ideas Feel Right

Being in the space made me feel reassured with what I was creating for my own project. I feel as though for the last few months, my mind has changed so much. I have so many pieces that I started that either were scratched all together or left unfinished in a pile in the corner. The work I am creating now seems more emotionally connected to myself, but I also can finally picture it working and being interacted with, within this space. Seeing the Gallery myself, confirmed what I was making was what felt right.

I am very excited to see all the other Artist’s work together!

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