My Studios, Past and Present


My Studios, Past and Present

Personally, I love to look at pictures of different artist studios. I’ve had many studio over the years.  In college, I built a photo studio that would fit in a bathroom.  There was a frame over the tub with a plywood tub the size of a standard tube with two inch sides and coated with fiberglass.  This held the grays.  I then built a frame over the toilet over the toilet that would hold the enlarger and a movable stage depending on the enlargement.

My first real studio was in a small bungalow on Siesta Key.  The house was across the street from the open beach.  My first photo shows the garage that I built out with a darkroom and a painting and shooting area.  The nice thing about it, i would wake up, fix coffee, go out and open the garage door and worked looking out at the beach.

I’ve built numerous studios in the homes I’ve lived in.  One of the nicest studio spaces I’ve had was at Salt Creek Artworks.  During my 8 year residency, I had 2 studios starting with a 900 sf space to a 1,900 sf space.  Now I would in my condo in the north area of St Pete.  It is more of a studio then a home.  I have a shooting area with lights and backdrops, digital editing area, private background to build frames or other work and a large room for painting.


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