MOVE St Pete! Dance Festival

By Andee Scott
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Dance is Public Art

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April 8 from 11:30-2:30
Mahaffey Theatre Plaza
Details here

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I believe in the power of dance, especially in the live performance of it.

Dance connects us to one another through the physicality of our shared existence – it is a kinesthetic experience that links the performer and the audience for the length of a dance and beyond.

Andee Scott – photo by Tom Kramer

Watching someone dance, seeing them reach through the end of their fingers, launch themselves into the air, or physically carve their bodies through space with intensity, focus and grace – it leaves an impression – makes a mark – and reminds us that we too have hands that reach – bodies that express the depths of our desires and strengths of our feelings.


I am always dreaming of ways for more people to experience the magic of dance. By positioning dance as public art, I create opportunities for both intentional and incidental audiences to see live performance for free, without having to buy a ticket or go to a theater. MOVE St. Pete! is my latest project, with co-director Sadie Lehmker, that brings site-specific dance into public spaces for all to enjoy.

Please join us at the Plaza at the Mahaffey Theater in downtown St. Petersburg on April 8 from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm!

For MOVE St. Pete!, I invited eight choreographers to join me for an afternoon of live, free, beautiful dancing – and we are all so excited to share our artform with our community.

Alex Jones

These choreographers are Alex Jones (Project Alchemy), Paula Nuñez (Tampa City Ballet), Elsa Valbuena, Katurah Robinson, Mary Williford-Shade, Mary Durant, Sadie Lehmker, Bliss Kohlmyer and Andee Scott.

You can read more about their work here.

Katurah Robinson – photo by Tom Kramer

At 11:45 am and again at 1:15 pm, each of the eight different dances will be presented in succession in multiple locations on the Plaza at the Mahaffey, on downtown St. Pete’s waterfront. You can wander freely from dance to dance, finding shade and water as desired.

Bliss Kohlmyer

While the performers take an intermission, follow-along movement sessions will be offered so our audience can join in the dancing and get moving themselves – line dancing and social dancing, and also some Afro-funk!

There is parking available at the Mahaffey for $10. Cold water, beverages, and handheld fans will be provided. We also recommend bringing sunscreen, and a hat if you’d like – it’s Florida!

We hope to see you at MOVE St. Pete!
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Andee Scott created public art in the depths of the pandemic, bringing dance to St. Pete streets – photo by Tom Kramer

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