I had the pleasure of meeting my mentor Edgar Sanches Cumbas this week. The crew at Creative Pinellas really made an excellent match, and I am looking forward to what is to come throughout the rest of this mentorship and beyond. We had a great first meet-up. Edgar came to my garage studio at my house and we sat around and talked for a couple hours. A lot of “new acquaintance” conversation was covered, but we also got right into talking art. He talked about his paintings and his recent interests in making objects, which is great because I make objects and have interests in painting. Realizing this was an exciting moment for both of us as we know it will lead to some wonderful discussions.

We talked a lot about my work and ideas I have floating around in my head. Edgar posed some excellent questions and made some wonderful comments and connections about the works. It felt great to be discussing my work and ideas in this professional way since conversations like this happen much less now that I am finished with grad schooling. I am quite excited to see were the conversations lead.

Below is an image of one of Edgar’s three-dimensional pieces (Left) and one of my extrusions (Right).


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