Meeting with those who mold your work

PollyZoom Allen, Animator/Storyteller

I met with animator, PollyZoom Allen for a cup of tea (and coffee) before she returns to her residency in Vermont. What a delight! She helped me solve a technical problem which has been preventing me from shooting a short placed on the back burner two years ago. She is amazing! Check out her site at


Brooke Bierhaus, Journalist/Filmmaker/Traveler

Brooke and I met at a Women In Film and Television FL meet up last Wednesday. She has traveled and lived more life at 26 than most do in a lifetime. Check her out at Watch her film at I look forward to the possibility of working with her, learning from her strengths and teaching her in areas where I am strong.


See you after the 26th!

I am off to Black Mountain, just outside of Asheville to work on scripts and look for locations for a future feature called The Cesspool of Sin. Stay tuned!


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