Making Large Paintings 2

The Framework For An Exhibition

I wanted all of the works in DARKMATTER to feel evocative and turbulent yet still convey some sense of optimism and joy. For me this was a recipe best created by my grandparents. This painting began with a poem that I think captures my perceptions of them from my childhood and ultimately became the template for the show.


After The Holiday

2022 latex paint, acrylic, oil, pigment stick on canvas. 12’x15′

Under One Roof

Under one roof together they created worlds upon worlds. His furnace fueled by hardened doctrine, saw-toothed aggression . He is the expanding universe. The Big Bang, the right hook, the drop kick. He is every thing ever constructed and even more torn down. He is the creator/destroyer the baddest motherfucker. She is the golden light that illuminates the face of new born babies. Her essence holds together planets around the sun, leaves on trees and every smile that has ever shown a tooth. She is the Hail Mary pass and the big bear hug. Her dance is happiness and her voice a clarion call. She is the mother of everything good and the architect of existence. Under one roof together they created worlds upon worlds.

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