Looking back and Forward

The wonderful experience of participating in the 2023 grant program at Creative Pinellas is the support I have enjoyed from every level. Promoting us, championing our efforts and providing opportunities for the future have been an aspect of the grantee support I had not anticipated and am deeply appreciative of.

What I am most grateful for is the ability to experiment with the work and idea I submitted and how much I have learned through the process. I didn’t know what I was submitting – works on giant scrolls – was going to be difficult or almost impossible. It didn’t occur to me. I think if I knew what it would entail or if someone challenged me on “how” I might have backed out – or chickened out. Often we set an intention on what seems like not too much to ask and somewhere along the way we are thwarted either by our own anxiety or by others dismissiveness. Luckily that didn’t happen and  I naively progressed without a worry in the world, believing that what I was doing was doable. This is what it means to manifest. Say what you want, believe it can happen. Leave it there and set to doing the thing. The how reveals itself in time and can’t be known too far in advance. the saying development takes time means development takes its time. sometimes its fast and sometimes not. Just set yourself up and do the work is my biggest takeaway would be my advice if anyone asks.

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