It’s 2008, I’m recently married and I’m working locally as a sign salesman…that was until, the economy slumped and I was laid off. I tried to make a go of it by opening my own sign company and although I had some success, it just didn’t bring in enough money.

I was collecting unemployment and attending PTEC as a student in the TV Production department. I really didn’t have a defined direction to head. Did I want to continue in sales? Did I want to go into TV production as an “intern”? What should I do next?

My wife suggested the possibility of making a living with my glass artwork.

Hmmm…is that possible? How would that work?

My decision was to try to create income by wholesaling my artwork…I thought that just might guarantee a good income.

I looked into wholesaling and found out about “The Buyer’s Market of American Craft” shows which took place twice a year, February and August, at the Philadelphia Convention Center where approximately 1500 artists were set up on the convention center floor, divided into sections for glass, jewelry, wood, fabric, etc. The show floor was only accessible to art gallery owners, gift shop owners and others who wanted to buy quantities of artwork at wholesale prices.

My wife and I flew up to Philadelphia to attend the February show…and yes, it was cold and snowing.

I was allowed to walk the show floor as a potential upcoming artist and my wife and I checked out EVERYTHING. How to display artwork in a 10 x 10 space? The flooring, the lighting, signage, backdrop, pedestals, stands, display racks, even down to the order forms.

We decided to do the upcoming August show. I had 5 months to get it all together.


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