It’s 1996. I have a new house with a work table, glass, paint and tools, and very little free time for artwork…although I did dabble in it.

I created an occasional stacked glass sculpture and donated one of my first creations to a “Black & White” fund raiser in Tampa. The sculpture was auctioned off for $75.00…my first sale! And I didn’t even get the money…but someone liked my artwork enough to pay money for it.

Someone has a black & white stacked glass sculpture I created at a “bargain basement” price.

I continued to create stacked-glass sculptures and placed them on consignment in various area galleries including The Brad Cooper Gallery in Ybor City and The Glass Canvas Galleries in Tampa & Saint Petersburg.

I liked “playing” with glass and took two different glass classes at the Azalea Recreation Center. One being a fused-glass class where I learned to create glass wind-chimes and fused-glass candle holders, which I still have to this day.

I saw for myself just how easy most fused-glass art was to create. When I walk through a craft show I can often times still see people selling glass artwork similar to the same type I created in that class. I liked fused-glass, but I could not see much of a future in it for me.

The second glass class that I took at the Rec Center is the one that changed everything.

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