So, I thought by combining spin art and reverse painting on glass I would be inventing something new and different.  As far as I knew, no one else had done it, and I had been to quite a few art festivals and had never seen anything like it before….but how to do it?

A brief history:

SPIN ART is an art form developed in the late 1950s by “action artist” Eugene Pera, who believed that art should be brought into the Machine Age. He applied paint to a vertically mounted spinning canvas which allowed him to create dramatic abstract art. He said ” The physics of motion around black holes brought me to use the spinning technique…we are living in the Space Age.

Pera demonstrated this technique on the TV shows ” What’s My Line” and “I’ve Got a Secret” in the late 1950s where he had celebrity panelists throw balls of paint at the upright spinning canvas.

Pera never patented the process and in the 1960s someone ( now lost in the history of spin art) was ingenious enough to take the spinning technique of Engene Pera in a different direction. Instead of an upright, vertical canvas, make it a horizontal surface. Instead of canvas, use card stock paper. Instead of throwing paint at the surface, use ketchup-like squeeze bottles and enclose the spinning card stock in a cylinder then spin it…then create multiple “spin art” vehicles so this technique could become popular at state fairs and carnivals. That’s where I learned about it.










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