I had actually applied for the Creative Pinellas grant a couple of years ago and was denied. I received a very low score from one of the grant judges because of my resume. At that time I really didn’t put much effort into it considering that I had no formal training or schooling in art. I was all self taught.

Time passed and I decided to apply again. This time, putting a concerted effort into a better looking resume. It helped and I received the grant.

It’s called the Emerging Artist Grant and, although I don’t really consider myself an “emerging” artist…the grant also stipulated that it was for artists who wanted to take their artwork to the next level…something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

In order to receive the grant funds of $2000 certain requirements are in place, one being a group exhibition for all the Emerging Artists.

This exhibit has allowed me to get out of my 10 x 10 foot box and try a few things, one being to add multi-colored lighting to not only my rotating sculptures but also to the EnergyWebs.

This has created something truly unique and different. By adding a changing colored background behind my EnergyWebs it has completely changed how my artwork can be viewed. It gives the viewer the appearance that the actual paint colors on the glass piece are changing. It really is something different and a way to take my artwork in a new direction.

And speaking about taking my artwork in a new direction, I have to thank Creative Pinellas & Charlene Harrison for teaming me up with my mentor, Don Gialanella.




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