Hackenwerth Blog post 4 

In addition to the sculpture installations I did this spring, I was also very busy doing some long needed improvements to my yard. Thanks to hurricane Irma, we needed a new fence so I put in the white vinyl one that should last the longest. The next step was re-working the sprinkler system. I didn’t have to start from scratch since there was an old system in the ground but in retrospect, it probably would have been easier and smarter to just dig it all out and start new. Anyway, the system is now working well and I was very happy to finally install a smart timer that will run only when needed to save on water. With any luck the new trees and bushes I put in will remain healthy now.

The next project I have coming up is at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. I’ll share more about that one in the coming weeks but this week I want to feature some images from a sculpture I made for Eckerd College in the new Neilson Center for Visual Arts. It was an honor to have the inaugural exhibit in this beautiful space and I couldn’t be more pleased with these wonderful photographs.

And thanks to Michel Fougeres for this nice time lapse.


Many thanks to all of the students who worked hard to help make this sculpture.

Here I am in front of Levitant at the Nielson Center for the Arts at Eckerd College

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