Let the staging begin!

We’re well on our way with pulling together the wonderful show, Broadway Bound, with Vivid Theatre productions and the Tampa Bay JCC!

Personally, I’m refining my memorization and my extensive characterization of Blanche Morton. She’s different now than when I first played her. It’s a little bit of a challenge and an undertaking, considering everything that I’m doing at the moment.


The production, as a whole, is fully staged, which is a HUGE feat! This coming week, we’ll be ironing out any staging kinks by running the entire show Tuesday-Thursday, in the evening. Then, we’ll start tech the following week. Finally, everything will lead up to opening weekend. (I’ve included show information at the bottom of this blog!)

It’s all happening so fast, but it’s going to be a fun time and a fun process, as all my shows have been with this company.

Additionally, I wanted to share some pictures from our first staging rehearsal. It was pretty nerve-wracking to finally work with the rest of the cast, in person, that is. Up until that point, we only had a virtual reading amongst each other. The first rehearsal can yield a few kinks, which we managed to work through, ultimately.

Drew Eberhard, the stage director and head of Vivid Theatre Productions, is very diplomatic about how much initial stage direction he gives at first. His style allows each of us to find our own path on the stage-which movements make sense with respects to our character- before stepping in and giving suggestions. I enjoy this process immensely, as it allows me some theatrical freedom. Generally, I’m used to all sorts of staging methods. The freer the better for me!

Overall, this is truly a stellar cast and I’m honored to share the stage with them. I’ll be introducing updates to this production as we move forward in the process.

Production Info:

We are so excited to be presenting the final chapter of Neil Simon’s “Eugene Trilogy,” and invite you to join us. Being presented September 15-18,2022 at the JCC on the Cohn Campus. Tickets are available for purchase by visiting:



JCC on the Cohn Campus

13009 Community Campus Dr

Tampa, FL 33625

“Broadway Bound” is being presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc. www.concordtheatricals.com

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