Leading up to …

April 2nd, 2022

April 2nd was the day I was scheduled to drop off my Artworks for the Emerging Artist Exhibition. Its a semi-long drive up to Creative Pinellas with my artworks loaded into the back of my car. I grabbed 2 sets of comforters , a few pillows, and a ton of foam sheets to load things up. My car looks like a bomb of cushions has went off but since my artworks are made with mostly ceramic, I have to make sure they are protected.

When I arrived to Creative Pinellas, I unloaded my pieces and headed into the front room. Margherita Tibaldo, another Emerging Artist, was there also bringing in her artworks. I only saw a couple of her pieces but they were incredible. I was so excited for us both!

April 7th, 2022

Its the Thursday before our Opening Reception now. I am heading back to Creative Pinellas with my final piece, and to help with the arrangement and install information for my artworks. I am so happy with the space I was given to showcase my works. Freddie and I get to work figuring out where things will go, what podiums will be used, and all the little details. I also took that time to do my illustrations on the walls.

April 14th, 2022

I worked the morning as normal. I made sure to send out a message to all my friends and family to remind them that it was the big night! I get home, change, and get ready for the Opening reception…


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