Last Minute Risks

Last Minute Risks



As I’m working on painting the preliminary layers on a few of these sculptures, I got a little insecure that I’m using the same color palate for too many sculptures. Maybe I should change it up here and there? Or should I just stick to the plan and not make a decision out of insecurity?

Then I got an idea out of nowhere. As I was painting this piece above, I turned it over to paint the other side, and saw a blank area that suggested a shape to me. Two diamonds side by side. It reminded me of some of the “symbols” on cocoons or mature insects and animals, usually as a warning (think of the shape on a black widow spider’s abdomen). It might be a little heavy-handed since my shape already looks cocoon-like, but I decided to risk it since I’ve never had symbols on my work like this before. Why not try it out? Worst case scenario, it looks bad and I paint over it at some point.

It’ll also give me an excuse to use different colors than I’m used to. I’m thinking a dark brown/red combo. I looked up a few images of chrysalises for some inspiration. I think I’ll use these images as guides for colors. I want the shape to be a brooding kinda red that looks like it’s pulsating or humming beneath the surface. Let’s find out if it’ll work!


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