Keep an Eye Out for New Murals


Brian McAllister, Gibbs High Mural Club and Boys & Girls Clubs members, in progress

The 2019 SHINE Mural Festival welcomed artists from Tampa Bay, from across the US and around the world to create new public art in downtown St. Petersburg.

Highlights include partnerships with Lego artist Jay Hoff and a team of LGBTQ+ volunteers, the Gibbs High Mural Club joining local Boys and Girls Clubs members to adorn the historic Royal Theatre, and internationally-acclaimed street artist and TED Prize winner JR’s collage of diverse St. Pete faces, part of a global project called Inside Out.

Keep an eye out for these new works – and a dozen signal boxes by Tampa Bay artists.

Find out more here.

Photos by Edel Mohr

Jimmy Breen and Anthony Freese
1701 Central Ave
@jimmybreen  @anthonyfreese

Blaine Fontana & Plastic Birdie
756 28th St S    
@blainefontana  @plasticbirdie

JR – Inside Out
2788 Fairfield Ave S    @jr

Brian McAlister, Gibbs High Mural Club and Boys & Girls Club Members
1011 22nd St S    @gibbs_mural_club

500 24th St S    @palehorse

2038 1st Ave S   @SHOK_1

Vitale Brothers
301 20th St S   @vitalebros

David Charlton
2421 Central Ave    @tophatdave

Todd Frain and Creative Clay
1846 1st Ave S

Leo Gomez
1955 3rd Ave S   @leogomezstudio

Low Bros
535 Dr ML King Jr St N   @low_bros

Drew Merritt
551 Dr ML King Jr St N   @drewmerritt    

131 22nd St S   @reda3sb

Cory Robinson – The CLEAN Campaign
1810 Dr ML King Jr St S   @mrcoryrobinson

Princess Smith
593 22nd St S   @psmithart

photo by Michelle Tannu

Paola Delfin
1833 1st Ave S   @paola_delfin

Jay Hoff with Chad Mize and LGBTQ+ Teen Volunteers
2437 Central Ave   @jayhoffworksinlego

Cecilia Lueza
901 N Shore Dr NE

Morning Breath
250 Dr ML King Jr St N   @morningbreathinc

George Rose
601 14th St S   @george_rose

Taj Tenfold
1720 Central Ave    @tajfrancis

Taylor White
276 Dr ML King Jr St N    @taylurk

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