JTF: Not Your Typical Show

As you I am Charlotte Johnson a Dance Artist here in the St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay area of Florida. I was blessed to grow up in a community that supported the education of young dancers, however when it comes to thriving as a professional dance artist, we have a long way to go. After Studying in New York City and returning back to my hometown, I believe my purpose and desired obligation is to help build the professional dance community and to help people to heal from the trauma that they have faced in their lives. My gift has always been to draw the audience into my world and the world that I create while on stage. I know that God has called me to evoke a shift and a movement in someone’s life which is my true heart’s desire with the vision of Journey to Freedom. I know that The JTF Movement will have a positive impact on the community because I believe that this is a movement that speaks to one’s own personal battles, and struggles and literally portrays life on stage and through the art of dance. I am honored to answer the call!.

This is not your typical dance Production. You don’t want to miss out on this authentic, genuine experience so please join me for my very first professional dance production titled, “Who I Am: Journey to Freedom” scheduled to open on September 20th and 21st of 2019. This production will portray our literal lives on stage. Using the genre of physical theater (dance & text) to touch on the traumatic situations we as humans face everyday and how we are able to overcome and arrive to a place of deliverance, healing, peace and FREEDOM!

Tickets are now available for purchase on line through Eventbrite

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Tap the play button below to hear more about how this experience will evoke a change in your life.



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