It’s Time

In my pursuit to create more work that is accessible and easier to sell, I’ve been digitally recreating my paintings. It’s been a long process to figure out how to create the image but in a new format and to not hold on to expectations of paint. Finding the balance of honoring the original image digitally but finding its own place. I assumed it would be an easy transition but I struggled a lot to find the right balance.

Realizing that I have to have a variety of price points for people to engage with my work has taken time. This is something I have been putting off because it just feels like spreading myself too thin. But using digital painting/ drawing to accomplish this goal has made sense. Yes it takes time, but it’s a much quicker process and always cheaper in materials. I’m slowly getting there to craft a pathway to original works and developing patrons that will be down for the journey of my work.

I feel like choosing to make a living as an artist is choosing a life of uncertainty and accepting to be a little insane. But it’s living a truth inside you that most people are ok with pushing down to accept a more reliable job and income. This is something I’m still working on being ok with and knowing that it doesn’t have to be uncertain and I deserve to be paid well for the work that I do. I don’t know where I picked up the idea other than it’s always been there. It’s part of how society tells us to value artists, labeling them misfits and starving. But it doesn’t have to be that way.











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