The Three Graces Are Visiting Dunedin This Summer

The Three Graces Are Visiting Dunedin This Summer

My work for the Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist Grant is progressing and I wanted to give you an update on it’s theme and the various ideas percolating in my head all summer.  I’ll begin with this scenario:

The ancient Greek goddesses known as the graces or muses, Aglaia, Thalia and Euphosyne are peering down from a cloud and whispering to me the virtues they represent: elegance, brightness and splendor, youth, beauty and good cheer, mirth and joyfulness. I suddenly hear a loud clap of thunder and see Zeus, their father and ruler of all the gods agreeing YES I approve.

My inspiration is multilayered and I’ll be sharing all of the bits and pieces as the weeks go by. But the most immediate and prominent thought is how grateful I am for receiving this grant and the wonderful team of Creative Pinellas that’s making this dream come true. I feel as if I literally have been gifted by the graces and my hope is to share an original sculptural work that beams with all of the beautiful qualities they represent. Nothing less would be worthy of this generous gift I have been given. Thank you Danny, Barbara, Kimberly and Leigh and my mentor Marlene Rose!

By Christina Bertsos

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