Is Everyone An Artist?

Is Everyone An Artist?
By Mason Gehring
April 2nd, 2021


Is everyone an artist? 

This is a common statement among creative individuals, parents, etc. As a arts in health professional it’s my job to encourage people to be creative and use art as a part of their healthcare routine. I don’t think everyone is an artist BUT I think everyone is creative. 

Being an artist is a J.O.B. That’s the difference for me. I like cooking and experimenting with flavors but I’m not a chef. Deciding to be an artist means a commitment to pursuing your craft to the best of your ability and being a small business owner. It’s not romantic and it requires courage, resiliency, tough skin, an open heart, and a desire to keep exploring. Keep being curious. You have to put work in even when you don’t feel inspired and you have to stop working and let things ruminate when it’s needed.

Being creative or even saying you are a “creative” is part of every human and what makes us human. We have been using marking making, song, music, chanting, dance for thousands of years to express ourselves, honor people and spirits, make something sacred apart from the everyday, and as a way to connect to a greater thing than ourselves. We all have it in ourselves to find a creative mode that lets us just be ourselves. Not everyone will enjoy painting or dancing or singing but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try it to see how it feels. There will be at least one thing that resonates with you and makes  you feel more like yourself. That’s your creative outlet. Then it’s your responsibility to nurture that creative process and keep using it to feel more connected to yourself, other people, and keeping yourself healthy. 

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