Black Is Beautiful by Nick Davis

Hi, my name is Nick Davis of NDArtLife and I am a Digital Artist from and currently in Saint Petersburg, Florida. As a child I always loved to draw; the ability to create what one sees and thinks always amazed me. I was gifted an iPad with Apple Pencil in 2018 from my wife Tiffany which led to my series of illustrations “Black Is Beautiful”. As a person who deals with anxiety, depression, and epilepsy my goal is simply to encourage my community; Black Is Encouraging, Black Is Inspiring, and Black Is Love but most importantly Black Is Beautiful. With using the Procreate app I create illustrations with black characters that express emotions, mental health awareness, and love that I believe lack in the community today.  In my art, I include quotes from historical figures and people of today that I believe represent my artwork best in hopes to push forward my community in faith and love. My artwork is inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kerry James Marshall, Kehinde Wiley, Kara Walker & others. By learning from great Artists I discovered the ability to express is a beautiful gift we should never take for advantage. Thank you.


By: Nick Davis



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