People often ask me:  What inspires your art?  Well, a number of things actually.  I am inspired by nature.  I am also interested in mythology, history and literature.  I try to write music that expresses a mood, a character, or a story.

Much of my music is of a religious nature.  I am interested in the intersection of the sacred and the contemporary, that which is timeless, and that which is relevant to now.

My goal is to write music that is aesthetically beautiful, inspirational, and cathartic, yet pleasing to the ears.  I begin with an idea.  Sometimes I have a particular combination of instruments in mind; sometimes the piece develops itself.

I spend time composing every day.  I do not use sketchbooks but  I let things ferment in my mind.  I am constantly listening to music (which is why I share my playlists from time to time).

I believe that every musical expression is unique, even if it has been done before.  Context informs the material and the choices we make add (or detract) from the effect of the piece.

As a performer, it is important for me to write music that the performers will enjoy.  I have learned to respect the rehearsal process, believing that art is collaborative in its nature, and that no one person can wholly create music.  It is to be experienced by all musicians involved, even the audience.

Here’s hoping that my music will in some way, enrich and bless your life.

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