Incorporeal Sculpture for Sale

In the spirit of the current craziness trend in the art world, what with NFT’s and invisible art, I hereby throw my virtual hat into the ring.

“Meditate on emptiness,‘cause that’s where you’re going, and how.” 

~ Allen Ginsberg

Incorporeal Sculpture for Sale

Titled Nom Sum, (which translates to, “I am not”), the work is monumental in scale but immaterial in form. It finds significance in its nothingness. The sculpture is a thought defined concept that illustrates our tenuous connection to perceiving the world around us.

What we know as reality is filtered through our eyes, ears, and other senses, to be made “real” by our brains. In effect, the thought of this artwork is as real as anything we can perceive.

Bidding on this one-of-kind ethereal work begins at $500.00 and can be made via Paypal to A certificate of authenticity will be presented to the highest bidder, along with instructions of the optimal setting for the work to be exhibited – in a private space in an approx. five-by-five foot open area with good access and visibility.



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