I’m Back: No Matter What

Hello to all my fellow artist! So, I totally got off track with these blogs, but no worries I’m back! I’m not much of a blogger even though I actually don’t mind writing. I do however prefer to just talk and say everything I want to say because it’s much easier for me, but when I’ve done that I’ve learned that not everyone wants to listen to me ramble on for five or more minutes. So this time I’m attempting to write my thoughts and opinions about what I have been up to pertaining to this grant and the work that I have been involved in lately. I should take an official writing class, and I wish I could use some emojis right about now!

In June I launched a group of workshop/master classes to help promote Journey to Freedom and as a fundraising idea. I thought it would be good to offer different style dance classes just to give people a variety movement to show interest in. The classes consisted of Contemporary Modern, Salsa, Beginner Movement and West African Dance. Well only one person showed up for the first class, no one for the 2nd class, it was a decent turnout for the third class and again no one showed up for the fourth class. Discouraged? One would think so, but actually I wasn’t and I am still not. I am a firm believer in that whoever was there was meant to be there. I am also a firm believer in this work Journey to Freedom. I could go on and on about how many of the great legends before me never gave up and look what they accomplished, but I won’t. Bottom line is this, I know without a doubt that this is the work that I have been called and chosen to do. No matter what it looks like, this production will happen and it will be GREAT and prosperous! JTF is a work that will touch the hearts and lives of millions of people. My production Team and I have chosen the cast, the dates are set and we’re about to step into the studio next week. It’s Happening!!

I have started a Facebook Page for Journey to Freedom called “Journey to Freedom Movement”. You can find it @JTFMovement. https://www.facebook.com/JTFMovement/

Here is where I will be promoting master classes, performances, fundraisers, pictures, videos and everything else related to the production of JTF and beyond.

Standby for the Workshop Schedule for the month of July!

I am supper excited about all the awesome things that are happening with this production. Thank you all for your love and support and please don’t forget to #Support #Share & #Showup

Thank you!



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