I have this great idea for a story…

Whenever I tell anyone I am a writer, I generally get one of two responses:


“What do you mean?”


“I have this great idea for a story…”


I always listen to what people say. Sometimes they have good ideas ! But most of the time, what I get aren’t really ideas for stories. Instead, I get a mix of twists, characters, and confusing plot lines with low concepts. Something that, if it were ever put down on paper, would be a confusing mess. 

And that’s ok, because most of us don’t know what a story is. I mean, go ahead. Tell me. What is a story? What makes a story? The truth is, most people cannot answer those questions. But what links 99% of stories is something you probably learned about in high school, the Hero’s Journey. So, what do Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Seinfed (yes, even Seinfeld, the show about nothing, isn’t actually about nothing) have in common? It’s their character’s journeys and transformations that occur. 

I made a short Youtube video that explains this, and if you’re interested, I put some links at the bottom of the description as well!


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