I can see my house from here

As I stare down the end of the grant period I am pondering the “up to 15 blog requirement” and struggle to find more to say now that I have put down about 10 of these musings. My wish, my determination to continue working with the concept is well documented. This is the time I must give thanks one last time my beautiful patient people, my mentor Jason who has been unbelievably supportive and insightful. Charlene who’s has been patient and respectful. Freddie who has been cheerful and enthusiastic. Beth who knew what when and how. Thank you to Barbara Sinclair for her service to Creative Pinellas. The docents have probably been asked to go above and beyond for the work and I appreciate you too. Thank you Shanna DiNobile for corralling the toddler in me.

I look forward to the possibility of exhibiting more large scale work at the gallery where large scale can truly find a home. The Gallery at Creative Pinellas is a wonderful space. I would like to work on themes most notably the climate crises. I am deeply concerned with the environmental issues we face to keep our tempature down metaphorically and literally. I also intend to continue painting about the concept of manifesting and how I can combine the environmental story and the power of thought story and bring that to the public. I’d like the opportunity to start a dialogue in that vein. Hey Creative Pinellas how about a exhibit about climate concerns in Pinellas county? Let’s do it!

I’ll go first. Here is a painting about red tide in Tampa Bay. The painting is called “I can see my house from here” its 100″x100″

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