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Hello everyone!

This is Gabriel Ramos, grantee of one of the Creative Pinellas Professional Grants 2019. First of all I would like to thank Creative Pinellas for the wonderful opportunity and for the amazing work they do in the Pinellas County area. I’m quite excited to start this blog with an introduction to the work I do as an artist. My current artwork is mainly sculpture and installation, but it also includes video and photography. Below I will include works varying in medium and a short artist statement so you guys can get a sense of my interdisciplinary artistic practice.

My work involves the construction of abstracted compositions aligned to a fusion of tropical landscape elements, architecture, and various other representational components. Concepts of fragility, the ephemeral quality of home with related memories are important factors in the process that results in my artwork. The inspiration for these constructions is primarily drawn from childhood memories of my home in Puerto Rico. My work references a fragmented imaginary space that is layered, anomalous and uncanny; a place that is surreal, fragile, ephemeral, familiar yet abstracted and only accessible through the investigation of remote details and signifiers.

The exploits of the line become both matters of fact and essentialized in my recent works. El garabato or in English “the doodle” portrays an automatic sense of failure. However “the doodle” also exemplifies the potentiality of the line in humor and action. The line will always be the line. In curves, in a spiral, as a scribble, as a shape or simply straight, it never loses its identity. It is the visual conduit that helps us follow and understand form, perspective, and space.

Untitled, 2016 | Archival inkjet print |  30” x 44”
Entre Portones y Verjas, 2017 | Cut buckram | Approx. 10 ft x 9.5 ft x 2 ft | Site-specific installation at Olive Tjaden Hall | Cornell University. Funded in part by Cornell Council for the Arts Grants.









En una hoja de plátano, Bluahhh, 2018 Steel wire | Approx. 3.5 ft x 5 ft x 2.5 ft

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