Happy Friday! Updates from Gianna

Happy Friday! Updates from Gianna

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! I was the first one at my studio today (Studios@5663) so I took a selfie out front!

I’m not going to go on a rant about how I love my studio so much… but I love my studio SO MUCH. The murals I’m standing in front of are by Robert N Riedel (lion mural) and Eric Hornsby (known as esh) (Prince mural) and they are pretty rad.

I’m running a little behind on where I wanted to be starting my videos because I unexpectedly went to NY last week for a funeral/shiva. The silver lining (besides seeing my friends and being together) was that I got to go the MET twice. Blog posts on that coming shortly.

Anyway, I wanted to find a surface to put on my table that was a little cleaner for the videos. First I bought some linen canvas but I wasn’t loving it because I really wanted it to be easily cleanable for gluing and painting on top. I stopped at a granite store nearby and found a really nice piece of marble for only $20! It’s going to be perfect, I think!

I didn’t realize how heavy it was though and I needed help getting it into my studio. Thanks Robert!

Well… that’s it, quick blog post, going to work now! Also put on your calendar: Next Block pARTy (art walk) is March 28!

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