Gardening in my jungle and painting is keeping me sane…enough.

Hello friends.

Well, here we are, still in pandemic land. I’m continuing to feel thankful for my art studio practice, as well as the Emerging Artist Grant from Creative Pinellas. This opportunity has given me the push I needed to make new paintings in my fairly new (I moved here in 2018) home and community in St. Pete.

I’ve been working in the studio as much as life has allowed steadily for about 13 years, in roughly 8 different studios. Some spaces I built, some were closets, and other studios were pretty good sized which I rented or dedicated a room at home. Without this steady practice, I know daily work in an uncertain time would be more challenging, but because I have this experience, it’s actually been ok.

Here are images of a handful of studios I’ve had in the past:

Main, 2010


Maine 2010




Iowa, 2017


Iowa, 2017


St. John US Virgin Islands, 2015


Maine, 2016


St. John US Virgin Islands, 2017

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