From the studio March 25 – 30

From the Studio – March 25th to the 30th

It’s been a busy week. It began with a studio visit on Monday with some of the artist of the Creatives Exchange group of Tampa. Jenny Carey is the group’s coordinator and she reached out a while ago and I’m so glad we were finally able to make it happen. Sometimes getting peoples scheduled coordinated is the hardest thing. It was a terrific visit and we had a lively exchange of art thoughts and ideas.

This week I also made significant progress on the next “Hair Nest” piece. The drawing of the tree is close to finish. For the last couple months I assumed the glass cast limb would be the object attached to and protruding from the large drawing of the tree. The glass limb had been attached to the drawing for the past 3 or 4 weeks. But after much deliberation the previous week I decided it was just not working. The drawing was overpowering the cast glass limb. The drawing now contains a real wood limb coated with several layers of polyurethane (see photo). The glass cast tree limb will be used for the next piece in the series.

Also this week: Close to 3 full days spent on an art grant submission and I am happy to report I submitted it yesterday!

The week ended with a Friday trip to the Tampa Airport to see the new public art collection with a guided tour by Art director Kelly Figley. She was full of information. We gained insight to the artists, their processes, and the pieces on display. And she informed us of public art submissions process as well. Jenny Carey, Coordinator of the Creatives and Janet Scherburger, Director of Government and Media relations, made the arrangements for the airport tour. It was very well done and informative – many thanks to all of them!

I started and ended my week with Jenny Carey and the Creatives – what fun!

“Hair Nest 15” in progress

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