From The I- Ching to Cold Wax to Carl Jung and back to Oil again

In 2016 I started experimenting with cold wax medium, using knives, brayers, scrapers, shapers, and stencils, this catapulted me out of my comfort zone. The physicality of the medium enticed me: to pull, scrape, roll, mask and layer to pull back, revealing, concealing, to unearth a path to the subconscious.

For inspiration, I drew upon the 3000 year old I-Ching and Carl Jung. I threw the I-Ching and landed on 4 hexagrams: Fu/the turning Point, Feng/Abundance, Chi’en/ the Creative and Kuai/Resoluteness. I made these four small black and white, cold wax paintings based on the these hexagrams. 

What I learned from this medium, I integrated into oil painting. I have used these images as a springboard for large oil paintings. Changing mediums, for a time, refreshed and invigorated my imagination. Pictured here, Into the Blue 60 X 48 is based on Feng. All 5 of these painting were included in my 24 piece solo exhibition Relative Motion: Focused Observations at the Arts Exchange in the Warehouse Arts District this Feb. and March 2020. It is my humble hope that my audience will respond to these resonances. 


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