Flatten That Curve

March 31, 2020 | By Steph Hargrove

Flatten That Curve

Now that Pinellas county is (hopefully) staying safer at home, we all have altered routines and new normals in our lives. I’m so grateful I’m able to continue working since my studio is located immediately adjacent to my dining room. I’ve still had to overcome some challenges though. Since the Creative Pinellas in person opening is on hold, I’ve added a photography series to my large seashell installation. Extra work? Sure. Super fun? Heck yes. The main obstacle here is that I normally shoot these on the beach, but, um, the beaches are closed. So I built a faux beach. And it’s totally doing the job. Here’s a little sneak peek at what I’ve been up to. Disclaimer – this image has not been fully edited and retouched as of yet:

My faux beach is built on canvas. My neighbors (who are all home now) must think I’m totally nuts carrying this giant canvas around outside looking for the perfect sunny spot for photographs. Normally I’d welcome them over to talk about the project, but we are total pros at social distancing so I have to settle for far away puzzled looks, waves, and nods. Fun fact – when you remove shells from a sandy canvas it leaves behind a giant sand painting:

When I’m not meticulously placing seashells on a canvas covered in sand like a crazy person, I’m finding plenty of other activities around the house to keep myself entertained. Some are hobbies I already enjoyed before quarantine life, like baking, yoga, jigsaw puzzles, and my coloring books. I have a ridiculously detailed book and I figure what better time than now to tackle an impossible coloring page?

I am a total puzzle nerd. My birthday is coming up on April 13th, and my awesome husband ordered a few gifts early for me. Two new puzzles came to the door this week! They kept me busy for a few days. And I’m totally gonna work them again.

Other activities are specific to Coronavirus life. Hand washing, cleaning, and disinfecting should probably be added to the 2021 Olympics. I have a faux hawk, and I normally get a haircut about every 3 weeks. Thanks to self isolation, I’ve had to get brave and cut my own hair. My husband helped me out in the back where I can’t see. Honestly, it’s not terrible! But I’m definitely going back to the salon as soon as freaking possible. For now, I’m rocking a ‘too tall but who’s gonna see me anyways’ faux hawk. Oh wait. You. You’re gonna see. 🙂

I can’t wait to share this new seashell photography series with all of you. I’ve got a date with my laptop, a dozen cookies, and about 15 lattes so I can get these images show ready. I hope you’re all finding your happy, safe, healthy places this week!


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