First Mentor Meeting

I just had a lot of fun meeting my mentor Rose Marie Prins!

We discussed a large painting I’ve been working on. I’ve started to fuss a little with it instead of being quick and letting go, but that’s ok, I’ve enjoyed working on it here and there. I’ll decide soon, its getting there.

We talked about Hans Hoffman and the push pull method with forms. Thats been my favorite way to work to practice painting. Bring out one shape forward, and pull one shape shape back until the composition is resolved.

She had some suggestions for archiving my works on paper since my garage studio isn’t climate controlled.

One of my favorite things she said, and maybe she was quoting someone, I can’t remember is: “If it feels good, do it again”. There are times when I doubt my decisions in composition and color, but I never doubt how my hand feels while holding a brush or tool and applying it to the canvas.

I’m going to mix up colors and see what happens. I want to set limitations but also really feel like veering outside of them…will just see how it goes.

Caption: work in progress

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