Feminine Energy and Religion

Blog #4

It’s no secret that I have issues aplenty with organized religions. In my opinion they seldom serve to empower and free the individual. Quite the opposite, actually. There are of course, as with all things, exceptions and I do know and hold the utmost respect for people who have found evolved and inclusive ways to navigate religious waters.
However at odds I might find myself with the concepts and rules of organized religions, I can’t help but be continually inspired by its imagery, folklore and pageantry. It is a clear and undeniable influence in much of my work. I strive to use this imagery in ways that might be empowering to the viewer.
In this piece, Trinity Within, I propose a female Holy Trinity, as I find feminine energy to be the strongest and purest. I’m sure my attraction to female energy isn’t unrelated to having been raised solely by women. I have always enjoyed a point of view that is well aware of the changes women can set into motion in this world and the powers they possess. It is by no coincidence that they have always been in a struggle for equality and on the forefront of change.
In my paintings I propose that strength is always within us and we need not depend on or subscribe to biblical routines to find the solution to our problems, let alone reach a place of inner-peace.
The flowers in Trinity Within hold special meanings. Water Lilies (a recurring element in my work) represent rebirth. Cosmos are often seen as symbols of love and peace. Most importantly, the Bird of Paradise represents the exploration of unchartered territories and the search for one’s personal paradise.


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