Even a open book has pages you can’t Reed

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Palance: to take full enjoyment in an activity a word used by Trinidadians to reflect a sense of enjoyment,fun,partying.

Learning to take full enjoyment out of creating through every emotion is a way to ensure a compositionally sound piece.

Painting provides the artist with a way to save oneself from the inside out.
For individuals who have struggled with addiction from an early age know all too well that it is an elusive desire that follows close behind. Being able to create a roadmap for yourself and others alike  is one of the most helpful tools that artist can manifest.

What I found through trials and tribulations is that practicing abstinence even if just for 30 days can give you insight and somewhat of a clear vision of your full potential. Recognizing that you are the strength that you need as an isolated creative.
Only you know where you would be hiding within yourself and it is up to you to go inside and make peace with who you’ve become, who you were, and who you will be.


Recently I heard a quote that said “you are who younger you would feel most safe with”.             A truth only realized when you devote yourself to something greater. With every creation you have the opportunity to speak and guide youth not yet born into this world. Drawing pictures on how to navigate obstacles, While simultaneously helping those who you know will face the same struggles as you did.

Traumatic events are more than whirlpools that pull us down into the depths, they’re also waves waiting to be surfed. Falling is an inevitable but practice on falling forward not back.
Coming back to your center as a more developed seed is the best thing Artist and creators alike can do for the community. The magnetic fields we are building around these bodies with every decision good or bad is how we can determine our own trajectories.

“Wood Shaman” Photographed by khumar Guardiola




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