Etsy adventure (part2)

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Following where we left it in my previous post… I am glad to share how my little etsy shop has kicked-off!

Nothing better than celebrating my birthday  with a glass of Champagne with Mikael and hearing for the 1st time a sound of a cash machine coming from… my phone. That was a live notification from Etsy of my 1st sell!

Few hours after, I received a phone call from someone in Chicago. I had met her months before in Gulfport Pava exhibit… she was ready to order from Etsy and had a logistics question…=> another cash machine sound came out!

It has been 6 sells already, including a shipment in London! Youhou!!!

I have never loved so much running at the post office!!! Etsy is very convenient, you can print the shipping label directly from Etsy at a discounted rate and simply stick it on the tube…

Another great feeling comes out few days after when the shipment has been delivered. When your customer posts your first 5 star review with very nice comments:

To be clear, I am only selling a few prints here, so I am not celebrating yet any extraordinary accomplishment. I am just being extremely motivated, encouraged by this super cool first experience…
I decided to start this learning with easy things to ship first. This is why all my listings are prints so far – but I am planning to open very soon a section for original work as well… who knows…

Please reach out of you have insights, comments…

Thank you all for the support!




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