Entry 03 – Clamp Down!

 ENTRY 03 – Clamp Down


The installation of “Light as a Feather” went off with out a hitch!


I am pleased to be completed with the project and to have another satisfied client. With that commission wrapped up I am excited to focus in my thoughts and efforts on my goals for this grant period.

Since receiving the initial grant funds I ordered myself some other tools. A set of flexible socket extensions were a most valuable asset in the installation of the piece above. Along with the Affinity software I also purchased an external hard drive. The last thing I’d like is for my digital existence to vanish with no back-up copies. Currently I’m looking into getting a new welding mask. The first welding mask I inherited from my father was a fixed shade flip-up mask with no head-strap…severely limiting to say the least. Before I began fabricating “Obeliral” a couple years ago I upgraded to an auto-darkening mask. The technology has come quite a ways and I’ve been looking into some newer masks. Many now feature even larger viewing screens with less color distortion. Especially as a sculptor, having the right tools for the job is essential.

For the duration of the grant period we grantees have been paired with a professional artist from the community to serve as our mentor. I have been paired with Mark Aeling, whom some of you may know I have been working with at MGA Sculpture Studio for over 5 years now. I’ll dive into our initial discussions and my goal for the grant period in the next entry. See you there!  

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