emerging from emerging

I am excited about some things going on in the near future and some of the things I have been able to submit for in the more distant future based on the scrolls I have been lucky enough to show at the emerging artist 2023 grant show at Creative Pinellas. I emerged from this to continue my emergingness.

One thing I am emerging toward is an artist residency which is daunting for a couple of reasons most notably working somewhere more public is infused with a sense of performative pressure. being “on” is not the natural way of the introverted cerebral visual artist. Not that I would 100% call myself those things. Having set hours feels like shackles. ugh. I have a studio I can go to whenever I want at my home, in my pajamas if I want. I’ll have to brush my teeth and be presentable, oh the humanity. BUT the positive side far outweighs the grimacing-curmudgeon negatives. I will be in public where I need to be showing my work it’s honestly the only way to get out there – it must be seen. The finished canvases won’t be leaning against a studio wall facing inward. I can work and document in a well lit space. I can meet people with bags of money ready to trade for art. I can paint and observe and sit on a couch I pulled from the jaws of a garbage truck and drink cold day old coffee. This heaven on earth isn’t forever only 3-4 months which I am really genuinely looking forward to. I will emerge even more by self inflicting my way out of my nest. It’s a good thing this. I can see myself emerging from that place behind me.

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