Emerging: From Behind the Studio Door

Week 5

Yesterday was a significant birthday for me. I started a new decade, not just calendar-wise but, also, age-wise. I suspect most of us end the old year by creating lists for what we hope to change, do or be in the coming year. I do the same though, now, I am looking further ahead some five to ten years – something I started doing in 2010.

It is an interesting phenomenon that painting a broad picture of where one wants/hopes to be over an extended time, and doing the work to get you there, has a way of manifesting itself by the end of that time. Intentionally doing those things that move one in the desired direction yields the desired result. I can attest to that; being awarded the Emerging Artist Grant is a prime example. That doesn’t mean it’s an exact scenario of what one has in mind, but the end result has the essence of what was envisioned.

 A polymer artist, and dear friend of mine, made a small dish as a gift for me. The phrase carpe diem is the focal point of the design. It pretty well sums up my intentions going forward – I will keep it where I will use it and see it often. 

Happy New Year! May your intentions for 2020 take you to where you most want to be.

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