Creative Ventures…One Day at a Time. Chapter 6: My New Studio

Chapter 6: My New Studio

I have always been hesitant to have my art studio in a location that is shared by other artists. Not only because of the expense, but because I like to create my artwork in a very private and personal environment without interruption. My home based “studio” has been a combination of a small room (Studio A) where I store my paper supplies, beads, wire, and craft supplies. I also work in my partially open-air detached garage (Studio B), where I do everything messy, such as metal work, spray painting, plaster casting, tie-dye, and screen printing. And twisting wire while watching TV is a common occurrence.

Recently, I had the opportunity to take over a good-sized studio space at the GCAA Creative Zone in Pinellas Park. The facility houses a classroom/exhibition area and 4 other working studios. It is the perfect clean environment to work on my new series of mixed media pieces which combine painting with wire sculpture. I will be able to spread out several large pieces at a time and leave them set up. I will use this location specifically for this purpose, which will minimize the need to bring supplies and tools back and forth from my home studio(s).

We’ll see how I get along with the sharing aspect. On the plus side, it will be nice to get out of the house and not be distracted by chores or pets. It will also be a positive environment with other professional artists/friends that inspire and support each other.

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