Creative Ventures…One Day at a Time – Chapter 4: Theme Shows.

Chapter 4: Theme Shows.

Unlike some artists, I love participating in group theme shows. Many artists have told me they do not like theme shows because their work does not fit the theme. I welcome the challenge of creating something new and different.

Theme shows give me an opportunity to think outside the box. I experiment with new subject matter and techniques that I would not have done otherwise. Many times, I can exhibit at a gallery or with a group of artists that I have not shown with before.

This month I will be participating in the theme show “Please Stand By: a TV Show Exhibit” at MIZE Gallery in St. Petersburg. I am thrilled to be a first-time exhibitor at this fabulous gallery and join a group of wildly creative artists. The TV show I chose to depict is “Breaking Bad”. Please see the attached image for a sneak peek of my piece; the portraits of the show cast members are created in wire and protrude forward into space in my usual 3-dimensional way. The concept of the piece is to show the “good” side of the lead character, Walter White, juxtaposed against the “bad” or dark side of his persona, Heisenberg.

The opening reception of “Please Stand By: a TV Show Exhibit” will be held this Friday 1/10/20.

Instagram: @jvienneauart

Breaking Bad – Wire; Mixed Media. 12×18

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