Creative Ventures…One Day at a Time – Chapter 3: Doing Commissions.

Chapter 3: Doing Commissions.

I have found that my wire sculpture in particular has led to many commissions over the past twenty+ years. Typically, I do portraits of pets (especially dogs) and sometimes people. Getting a likeness that is acceptable to the customer is always the hardest part and can be quite a challenge. However, the works I have created have been received well with minimal changes, if any.

Doing commissions is somewhat akin to doing commercial artwork. My background as a freelance graphic designer gave me the training to work with clients and translate what is in their mind to a visual image. I find fine art commissions somewhat easier, because the client tends to be more accepting of “artistic license” than in commercial design work. Commission work can still be difficult, however, because the artist has less artistic freedom to create the piece as they might otherwise.

Presently, I am working on a commission of a large wall sculpture of a mermaid that will be similar to a piece that was purchased by the Vinoy Renaissance Hotel. I have included a photo of that piece, and a photo of the beginnings of the new work in progress. Also attached is a portrait I completed last year of a young couple that was given as a wedding gift.

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Mermaid sculpture on display at the Vinoy Renaissance Hotel
Mermaid commission in progress
Commissioned portrait of young couple

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