Creative Ventures…One Day at a Time: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Making little stuff that sells.

It’s that time of year again, and the Holidays are upon us. Every year I twist wire into small gift items that I sell at local galleries.

When I began making wire sculpture, I studied the work of Alexander Calder, whose work I have always admired. It amazed me that an artist who could create monumental metal sculpture could also create small circus figures and jewelry in wire. One story in particular that sticks with me is a time when Calder showed up for a gallery exhibit and brought no finished artwork with him. The gallery curator asked him “Where is your artwork?” and he pulled a spool of wire out of his suitcase and said “It will be ready in time”!

So, with my spool of wire (actually several), I have created small works and jewelry for sale at the Morean Art Center and St. Pete ArtWorks in downtown St. Pete, and A Little Room for Art in Pass-A-Grille. See the images I have included with this article for a small sampling of these works.

Dragonfly Ornaments
Cats (of course!)
Small Faces
Lizard Ornaments
Jewelry (Choker)
Profile Earrings

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