Crazy Times

April 10th
I hope everyone is staying safe out there!
I find it difficult to talk about stress when I know there is a lot of it around the entire world right now. So many changes have happened to so many people in the past few weeks. Unfortunately I am currently out of work. It is a very strange, stressful, and unnerving feeling, but I know I am not alone. I often live in the moment, but recently I find myself thinking a lot about the future.
I am beginning to have some stress about whether I will be able to finish my works for this exhibition. Currently, the place where I fire my pieces is closed indefinitely. I am hoping to get access to the kiln located outside so I can still safely and respectfully fire my works. Wish me luck!
Our emerging artist gallery exhibition is delayed, but we will have a virtual exhibition available on May 14th. I have to give a shout out to the Creative Pinellas crew for putting all of this together, you have done a great job, and we all greatly appreciate it!

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