Clearwater Arts Alliance Resolution to Inspire

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Clearwater Arts Alliance (CAA) celebrates 25 years in existence in December 2024. President Beth Daniels says the volunteer-powered organization looks forward to continuing to support the city, especially in their arts and cultural projects – sustaining their commitment to public art and making it viable for artists to be successful in Clearwater.

Rana Dorada (Golden Frog) by Felipe Lopez – repurposed metal objects

On her way to a Clearwater City Council meeting, Daniels took time to comment on her hopeful excitement about the presentation and vote at the city council meeting led by Clearwater Mayor Bruce Rector. She described the intent of the resolution to be voted on as an opportunity to increase the impact possible for the CAA with a small adjustment. The goal is to elevate awareness of the value of all the CAA has done and will continue to do in Clearwater.

Black Racer by Jenny Cheek Trewin – acrylic and mixed media on canvas

“In looking at our mission statement and history,” says Daniels, “we noticed that we were not ever officially designated by the city of Clearwater as the Clearwater Arts Alliance. The designation will help elevate people’s knowledge of us in the community.”

Betsy Walch, Clearwater Arts Alliance creative projects director; Kim Turner-Smith, CAA Arts Administrator; Clearwater Mayor Bruce Rector and Beth Daniels, President, CAA Board of Directors

“We will continue to support the city, especially in the arts and cultural projects, as we’ve done for nearly 25 years,” says Daniels. “We will continue to be committed to exhibiting public art and to make it viable for artists to be successful. We hope the designation will help people understand and appreciate all the Clearwater Arts Alliance does throughout the city.”

Photographer Heather Petersen with Finding Balance – photographic print, CAA Board Member Choice Award

City of Clearwater Arts & Cultural Affairs Manager Amber Brice has worked with the city for eight years and served in her current position since March 2023. Brice says, “The Clearwater Arts Alliance has shown great momentum recently with upcoming projects like their Clearwater Main Library gallery exhibition titled Inspired By Nature.”

This free exhibit is open to the public through August 25 at the Clearwater Public Library‘s main branch, next to Coachman Park downtown.

The Palm Beneath My Wings by Elizabeth Barenis, acrylic on canvas, is featured on the exhibition sign
Sculptor Felipe Lopez won the popular vote at the Art in the Park event at Coachman Park in October 2023. He uses recycled and repurposed materials to create sculptures – five of which are displayed in the Inspired By Nature exhibition as part of his award.
Sculptor Felipe Lopez with Mariposa Azul, created using metal jet ski parts

“CAA has had a lot of success with past programs like their downtown Art Walks and their signal box art wrap program, Thinking Outside the Box,” adds Brice. “We’re thrilled about this designation and look forward to strengthening our bond with the Clearwater Arts Alliance in the years ahead.”

Tree Fairies designed by Lina Teixeira and Ronderance Kent – photography by George Salmon

The resolution to designate the Clearwater Arts Alliance as the official arts alliance for the city of Clearwater passed by a unanimous vote in favor. Clearwater Mayor Bruce Rector adds, “We recognize and appreciate the importance of the arts to help the growth of Clearwater and all of the Pinellas County community.”

Magic School by Tyler Donnelly – acrylic mixed media, Board Member Choice Award

Asked if CAA participated in the CURRENT Cultural Plan discussions, Daniels replied, “Yes, we’ve participated and pushed out surveys in our community. We also helped convince the city to document our own arts impact for the city of Clearwater, noting how many businesses are involved with the arts and how successful it is. It’s meaningful to have that specific information for the city as well as for Pinellas County as a whole.”

In the Garden Infinite Fiddle Leaf Fig by Donna Linder – oil paint

Excited about opening the new juried art exhibition, Daniels encouraged city council members and everyone in the room to come see, experience, enjoy and participate. Housed in the lovely Clearwater Main Library, 100 N Osceola Avenue in downtown Clearwater, the Inspired By Nature exhibit is just one of many upcoming events and activities.

Park Bench Sunrise by Tracy Kennard
Lily Girl by Iryna Okhata Ahrens – mixed media leather and acrylic

The opening reception on Friday, May 24 was well attended by nearly 200 guests. All 57 exhibiting artists were invited to attend the preview, and many artists were there, happy to talk about their art and mingle with other guests. Some of the CAA board members and supporters also attended.

Teresita Hightower with La Siesta – oil on canvas paper, Board President’s Choice Award

The call for visual art submissions was open to artists from Pinellas County, providing an opportunity to realize the enormous talent available locally. The event brought together a warm, friendly crowd to admire and be inspired. The installation achieved a sense of artworks flowing like a river of colors and textures in a variety of disciplines – sculptures, paintings, mixed media, photography and videos.

Elena Krasnokutskaya with Bird In Sunflowers – oil, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

Some of the artists are shown here with their work, a little taste of the visual feast to inspire all to come and see. The artworks are for sale and can be purchased through direct contact with the artist.

Ana’s Orchids by Petrina Sharp – oil on canvas
First Light by Judy Ransom – acrylic on stretched canvas
Anaconda by Felipe Lopez – metal bolts, CAA Member Choice Award
Young Boy Wearing a Crustacean Cap by Denis Gaston – acrylic on canvas
The Longest Kiss by Debbie Miller – watercolor
Spider Crab by Felipe Lopez – repurposed metal objects
Evening Peaches by Fran Failla – oil on canvas
Antirealism by Felipe Lopez – repurposed metal objects
Clearwater Mayor Rector with Beach Bliss by Jamie Edwards – mixed media, resin, shells


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